Joseph Lee

Full-Stack Developer

Hello there!

I am a full-stack developer who has been working on various projects over the span of 10+ years. Some of the projects were a mix of things done professionally and some in my own free time. Some of it ranged from art and animation to server infrastructure and programming. Switching between game engines as well as programming languages is something that I can and most of the time will do for projects.

I like programming
Penguins, and turtles as well
Haikus are cool too!

When it comes to design, I tend to try to have a unique art style, as well as a unique way of thinking. Personally, level design and gameplay programming are some of the things that intrigue me the most. However, that doesn't necessarily mean I won't go out of my comfort zone to work on something different, such as a front-end or back-end website, or even animation or rigging.

If you wish to have a conversation, have job opportunities, or anything in between, you can contact me with the links in the header.
Have a look around, and I hope you enjoy the site!