Joseph Lee

Full-Stack Developer

With a few people, we made a codebase as well as a modified engine in C++ to work with KH III.
This was definitely a monstrous task, but the base allowed people to create:
  • Levels
  • Skeletal Rigs
  • Static Meshes
  • Animation Graphs
  • NPCs
  • Flash specific UI

This was done for a competition that Tiny Build was hosting.
The goal was to make a mod for Hello Neighbor in Unreal Engine a month before release, and what I created featured:

  • A new area
  • 6 unique levels
  • Cutscenes
  • Minigames/Puzzles
  • Light story elements

A Minecraft mod that I made a long time ago.
The mod was programmed in Java and was one of the first mods I created.
It featured:

  • A new dimension/biome
  • Custom Mobs
  • New Items